Are you a YouTuber or someone looking forward to making your own merchandise collection to sell to your fans or on your boutique store?

You have come to the right place!

We are the industry-leading professionals of making customised merchandise collection for different individuals, companies and boutique stores. We are going to do everything for you for free and you do not need to pay us anything to start your customisable merchandise collection with us. We are also going to handle the payment system and at the end of EACH purchase, we would be sharing 40% of the profits we make from your buyer. But however, if you want to have a one-time deal, then it is also possible. All of our design charges are free and you pay us when you want the product on your doorstep. 

But why the hell should you chose us?

  • We can make any product available for you within 1 business day i.e if you want a certain kind of product early, you can get through us.

  • We do not ask for any payments from you in advance and we do not charge anything for designing.

  • We can put up products and the description in Dutch, German, French, Norwegian & Spanish. We have our own group of translators who would be translating the descriptions for you. We also do not charge anything for that.

  • We offer 24/7 support for any question you need to be answered and we are constantly taking orders from people and serving them.

So what will the merchandise collection package contain? The merchandise collection package are of two types. The first type is for you if you are a YouTuber, Online Influencer, Celebrity, College Institution or anyone who is looking to make extra income through selling merchandise. For this category, you would your own selection of merchandise customised by our designers with your design on our mind, a promo code with free shipping option for your buyers to use when they are shopping from us, a personalised page on our store with your name on it i.e, mockup images of the products and after the end of every sale from the promo code, you would be getting 40% of the profits we make from your buyer's purchase to your PayPal account. For all our product categories, download the pdf file given below. You do not need to pay anything to start the first type of merchandise collection package with us.

The second type is best for you if you are a boutique store owner or anyone who is looking to make their own merchandise collection for any event or to sell through their physical retail store. In this type, you would getting a customised assortment of products from us designed by our designers with your design in their mind. The list of the products available for customisation is given in the pdf file below. You would be obviously getting free shipping from us and free designing and mockup images which would be on the house.

We offer the best just for you. Kinbo Corporation offers the British Royal Family Store Merchandise Collection & the One Direction Store Merchandise Collection. Check those out today!

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