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Do you want to get into an affiliate sponsorship with us instead of a paid one? Then you have just come to the right place!

To get into a sponsorship you must tell us more about your account and how many followers/subscribers, likes, comments & views your account gets. Please don't forget to include your account username. After you have provided us with all the necessary information our sales and marketing department team would be evaluating your account to make sure it aligns with our brand and our style. If it aligns then congrats we would be discussing our payout rates with you.

But if it doesn't then don't worry! You can still get into a sponsorship with us but our payout rate would be much lower than the account's whose brand image aligns with ours!

We would be providing you with a customised code and every time a person uses the code to buy a product from us then we would be paying our usual rate of 20%(not 20% in all circumstances) to you!

We would be looking forward to see your wonderful account and getting into a sponsorship with you!

Let me know in the comment sections below about your ideas or any questions. Make sure to check out our YouTube channel, Instagram Account, Facebook Page, Tumblr Blogs and Twitter and click the subscribe and follow button so that you don't miss any updates! Link Below ⬇! Also don't forget to share the post to your social media accounts!

Have fun shopping!

P.S - Help us make you the most wonderful piece of cloth in the world!

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