How Much Does It Take For An Item To Be Delivered?

It takes $31 for an item to be delivered. No matter how many items you buy the rate is the same for all regions and countries of the world.

Now one may ask why does it take so much for an item to be delivered. It is because all our items are fragile marked and delivered with caution so that not one harm is caused to it. It is distributors duty to make sure that they get you your item delivered with no harm. We however cannot assure if any harm is going to cause to your item because it is our distributors job to it. Some of our items also are very big and can break easily if not carried with caution such as the canvas painting.

For the breakdown of delivery rate, continue reading .......

It takes around $10 for an item to be delivered. As our distributors carry a lot of items together this fee is quite low. The $10 fee covers transportation charges, delivery fees for the delivery man and gas fees.

Then comes the huge $ 15 for taxes and tariff. This fee covers the taxes that has to be paid by our distributors and our outsourcers.

The next $6 fee is the cost of packaging. This fee covers the cost of packaging and the money needed to make sure that your products are handled with care and caution.

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P.S - Don't buy one product; it would cost you $31. Instead buy at least 10 products at one so that you have to pay collectively $31 for the delivery of each and every one!

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