How To Pay With Credit Or Debit Card On Invoice?

In this guide you would be seeing how you can pay us even if you do not have a PayPal account.

Step - 1

Click on 'View and Pay Invoice'

Step - 2

Click on 'Pay $69.31'(The dollar amount mentioned here is a sample)

Step - 3

After you clicked on the payment amount it would redirect you to a new page. Over there select 'Create A New Account' (Don't worry you don't have to create a new account)

Step - 4

Once there fill it up with your credit information and at the bottom select 'No, I Don't Want A PayPal Account' and then click 'Pay Now'

Step - 5

Congratulations you have completed your purchase and now we would be shipping the product to you within a couple of days!

However sometimes there is an option below which says 'Pay with debit or credit card' like the following image. In that case click it and you have to follow the same steps mentioned above.

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Have fun shopping!

P.S - We are not sponsored by PayPal's competitors to influence people to not to create PayPal accounts. PayPal is a great company and the leading in it's industry. This guide is intended for Royal shoppers living in countries where PayPal is unavailable and the only option is to pay using a credit or debit card.

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