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Protecting your privacy and making sure that your private information, credit card information and home address is safe and secure with us - is, was and will be our top priority. We have added every single measure possible in order to stop identity theft, credit card fraud and prevention of cyber crime from our store. How we have done these?

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If you go into the url of 's page you can see that it says 'https' and not 'http'. 'https' stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and it carries your information through a tunnel blocking all third parties and other sites to see and manage your information. This security feature helps us to provide a safe and secure online customer experience for everyone in our online store as your information is travelling through a secure tunnel and not a busy highway.

The next feature is kind of crazy. We have added features in our store which prevents websites and third parties from knowing the actual number of viewers on our store. For this reason the viewers number that you see on the cover image of the blog is always unusual. It is a random number created by an algorithm which we use. We also use the same algorithm in Google Search Console to block out people from knowing how many visitors visit our store and from which country they are viewing our store from. This algorithm helps to protect identities of our shoppers and make our store more secure and a safe place to shop.

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