Little Known Facts About Prince Harry

1. He’s a bit of a wild child

Prince Harry has become one of the most talked about royals in the news thanks to his wild-child ways, and although he has quieted down in recent years, it seemed like every few months his name was popping up in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons.

Prince Harry has made the news posing in a Nazi uniform in 2005, and getting photographed naked in Las Vegas in 2012, but his wild ways started well before that.

Apparently Harry started drinking at the tender age of 12, and had his first cigarette when he was eight years old. He also used to host some pretty crazy parties in Prince Charles’ country house when he was studying at Eton, and the house was given the nickname “Club H” as a result.

2. His fake Facebook name was Spike Wells

Prince Harry had a secret Facebook account under the name of “Spike Wells” until 2012, but his advisers told him to shut it down after that pesky little naked photo scandal in Las Vegas.

No word yet as to whether Prince Harry has created another “secret” Facebook account, but there’s still a ton of pages created for the Prince on the social media website; (like Prince Harry For King, Prince Harry Quotes, Prince Harry – Prince Of Hearts, and Support Prince Harry With A Naked Salute, just to name a few…)

3. He reeeeally likes ice cream

If you’ve been thinking of ways to warm up Prince Harry’s heart, then some ice cold ice cream may do the trick. Apparently Prince Harry loves ice cream so much he actually ran after an ice cream truck in Afghanistan during an interview in 2013. The run was recorded on video and went viral online (naturally) and you can watch the video here.

4. He has flower power

Much like his father Prince Charles, Prince Harry has a passion for botany and enjoys studying flowers. He even made a surprise visit with his charity Sentebale at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2013, and showed The Queen around the African-inspired garden in the hopes of bringing attention to orphans in Lesotho.

5. Geography isn’t his strong suit In 2013, Prince Harry completed his education from Eton College in Berkshire with two A grades, one B grade in art…and a D in geography.

6. He worked as a jackaroo During his gap year, Prince Harry worked at a Queensland ranch in Australia as a jackaroo, and was responsible for rounding up herds of bull on a cattle station, mustering cattle and mending fences. Harry ended up spending three months on the 40,000-acre property, which was owned by Annie and Noel Hill (who were friends with the late Princess Diana).

7. He’s a music video superstar Back in 2012, Prince Harry showed off his impressive tambourine skills in Gary Barlow’s music video for “Sing,” which was the official song for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee. The song ended up being released as part of a commemorative Jubilee album by Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band, and the video was a huge hit on YouTube as well.

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