Powerful Kings In History

This answer is very subjective but i'll play along as i like the subject! Greatness is often described as one or a mix of the following :- 1) Impact upon History 2) Size of Empire 3) Charisma/Forcefulness of Personality

There is no single personality, i would be doing a great disfavor to the historical community if i named one of the great kings, but i would still name the following as some of the kings who changed the course of history to a great extent- a) Genghis Khan b) Alexander the Great c) Augustus d) Charles Martel e) Justinian I f) Suleiman the Magnificent g) Cyrus the Great h) Abu Bakr

a) Genghis Khan :- Achievements :- Conquered the largest known contiguous empire in history. Only the British Empire and the Modern Nation of Soviet Union were ever bigger than that. Revitalized the Silk Route. Defeated arrogant kings and armies which were previously known to be invincible. Depopulated huge areas of Asia :- Impact :- Huge Size of Empire :- Huge Charisma/Forceful :- Very

b) Alexander the Great First known conqueror of the Persian Empire. Never defeated in battle , his generals who went on seperately were defeated by Scythians for a time but he personally was never defeated. Fought varied armies and vastly different tactics, but adapted very quickly. Very charismatic character who awed foreign populations easily. Impact :- Very Large Size of Empire :- Very Large Charisma :- Intense

c) Augustus The First Emperor of the Roman Empire. Overthrew one of the most powerful generals of his time (Caesar and Antony) and also took control of the most powerful republic of Europe at that time. Introduced radically different laws and the concept of Romanness. Impact :- Large Size of Empire :- Huge Charisma :- Large

d) Charles Martel A less known figure but stopped Islam dead in its tracks while in Western Europe. Without him, who would know France would have been Francistan. Also conslidated the Carolingian Empire and thus paved the way for the Holy Roman Empire. Impact :- Huge Size of Empire :- Medium Charisma :- Medium

e) Justinian I Byzantine Emperor who expanded the Eastern Roman Empire to its greatest extent. Employed Belisarius, probably the best known Roman general after Caesar. Also played a part in introducing revolutionary reforms in mining, taxation and law. Impact :- Large Size of Empire :- Very Large Charisma :- Huge

f) Suleiman the Magnificent Greatest and the longest serving Turkish King. With cultural, military, naval, diplomatic achievements better than any other Turk or Eastern Sultan, he ruled the largest Ottoman Empire ever. Impact :- Large Size of Empire :- Very Large Charisma :- Very Large

g) Cyrus the Great The greatest expander of the ancient Persian empire, he battled Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes, Scythians and created the first multi-ethnic empire in the Near East. Often overshadowed by Darius I who consolidated his already built empire, Cyrus was one of the best generals of the ancient Persian world Impact :- Large Size of Empire :- Very Large Charisma :- Large

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