Should You Buy Kid's T-Shirts In Bulk?

When you are a parent, anything that makes your life easier is a great thing. From the latest gadgets to healthy foods that kids actually like, there are several things on the market intended to do just that. One thing many parents don’t think about, though, is how upgrading their kids’ wardrobe can simplify their lives. Buying t-shirts in bulk is a not-so-well-known parent hack that offers numerous benefits for new and seasoned parents alike. Why should you buy t-shirts for the family in bulk? Here are just a few of the many reasons.

You Always Need Plain T-Shirts

Let’s face it; you can never have enough plain t-shirts. Kids are mess magnets, and the shirts you buy likely won’t last long. Plain t-shirts are always in demand, and they go with just about everything. Whether worn with a pair of shorts and flip-flops in the summer or as an extra layer under a heavy sweater during the winter months, you can’t go wrong with a basic t-shirt.

From toddlers to teens, kids of all ages wear t-shirts, and they are a staple in every wardrobe. When you buy them in bulk, you never have to worry about running out. If one gets stained or destroyed beyond recognition, just grab a new one out of the closet. You can even throw a spare or two in the car for those on-the-go accidents.

Plain T-Shirts Are Always in Style

Fashion trends come and go, but the humble t-shirt is always in style. While other clothing trends change from season to season, you can wear the same t-shirt for several years without ever looking outdated. You can buy them in bulk without ever having to worry about having a box of outdated tops lying around that your children refuse to wear because they’re no longer “cool.”

Even if your kids do not fully love the look of classic plain t-shirts, they’re still a staple in any wardrobe. They are great to layer under other clothing for extra warmth, and they are perfect for gym class and sports practices.

Spend Less Money on Clothing Essentials

Who wants to spend a ton of money on kids’ clothes, especially when they go through them so quickly? Purchasing essentials like tees at retail and in small quantities means paying the highest price per piece. Wholesale t-shirts are much more affordable, though. While you may spend more money upfront, you will get a lot more shirts, and you will find yourself going much longer before needing to buy more.

Buying t-shirts in bulk allows you to get the best possible deal on top-quality brands without sacrificing quality. Whether you have a large family that you need to outfit or you are shopping for a single child, buying in bulk is the best way to save money on the clothing your family needs. It’s a win-win!

Make Play Time More Affordable

Kids’ clothes are expensive. No matter how much they cost, though, they are all just as easy to destroy. Mud, grass stains, rips and tears plague parents of active children. Rather than allowing your children to play in their “good” clothes, invest in some wholesale t-shirts. Bulk t-shirts cost just a few dollars each, so it is not a big deal if they get destroyed after just a few wears. That’s much better than having your little ones destroy their expensive Under Armour gear!

Cut Down on Laundry

What parent wouldn’t love doing fewer loads of laundry? While having more shirts means you will need to wash more, you won’t need to wash them as frequently. If you have a child who wears a plain shirt under his uniform, for example, having five plain shirts for undershirts instead of one or two means you’ll only have to wash them at the end of the week.

If your family wears plain shirts as undershirts, encourage them not to throw the primary shirt in the laundry until it has been worn a couple times (unless it gets visibly dirty). The undershirt will trap most of the sweat and debris, keeping the outer shirt cleaner for a longer period of time.

Simplify Back-to-School Shopping

When it’s time to send the kids back to school, the expense isn’t the only problem. For many busy parents, finding the time to go from place to place to find everything their kids need is next to impossible. Rather than going from one store to the next trying to find the perfect-shirts, order bulk t-shirts online. Doing so will save you a lot of time and frustration, and you will be less likely to have to deal with cranky kids who can’t decide which shirt to wear during the school year.

Plan Ahead for a Craft Day

Rainy summer days or cold days during winter break that keeps the kids cooped up indoors can be less than fun for everyone in the family. Bored kids commonly lead to frustrated parents, so it is always a good idea to have something on hand to keep them occupied when they are unable to play outside.

Having craft supplies on hand is also a great way to encourage kids to show off their creative side rather than spending all their time in front of a screen. Purchasing bulk t-shirts (especially white ones) is a simple way to make sure you have exactly what you need for an enjoyable crafting afternoon.

For smaller kids, pick up some non-toxic fabric markers, and let the little ones design their own shirts. They will love wearing their own designs. If your kids are a bit older, keep a tie-dye kit on hand. Tie-dying is a great rainy day activity that really allows kids to show off their creativity. It also takes a little while to complete the project, so it will keep them occupied for hours.

Be Prepared for Family Gatherings

Planning a family reunion, a barbecue or even a military homecoming? Keeping blank t-shirts on hand ensures you have what you need to make something to commemorate the occasion. Blank t-shirts are easy to decorate using markers, fabric paint, etc. You can even pick up iron on decals or use a home vinyl cutter to create your own decals.

Buying wholesale t-shirts means having plenty on hand even for large family gatherings. Buying in bulk also saves you a lot of money and, by designing your own, you can create a unique keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

Encourage Young Entrepreneurs

Is there a child in your family with an entrepreneurial spirit? Customized t-shirts are almost always hot sellers, and investing in bulk t-shirts could help your young entrepreneur launch his or her business. Vinyl cutting machines that are capable of cutting decals to apply to t-shirts are becoming increasingly common, and they have found their way into many craft rooms. If your child wants to use one of these machines to create designs to put on t-shirts to sell, wholesale blank t-shirts provide they medium they need.

If selling t-shirts isn’t your children’s idea of a fun business, they can also use them to create t-shirts advertising another business. Maybe your son or daughter prefers walking dogs, mowing lawns, or shoveling sidewalks to make a few extra dollars. Wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with their business’s logo helps them look professional and acts an advertisement to potentially attract new customers.

Support Young Sports Stars

If your child or teen plays a sport, purchasing t-shirts in bulk means having some on hand to support your star athlete. Whether you create shirts emblazoned with the team’s logo, your favorite player’s name, or just about anything else, your child will appreciate your support. You can decorate blank tees to commemorate special events like championship games and award ceremonies.

Does the team need to do a fundraiser like a car wash or a bake sale? Use your stash of blank shirts to create custom tees for everyone who is participating in the event. Outfitting everyone in the same shirt creates a cohesive look and helps let people know exactly who is involved and what’s going on.

Make Use of Old Shirts

When your kids wear out their t-shirts or outgrow them, don’t throw them in the trash. Give them a brand-new life! Old t-shirts make the perfect rags for dusting, wiping down countertops, and washing cars. Just cut them up into washcloth-sized rags and toss them in with the rest of your cleaning supplies. They’re washable and reusable, and they won’t scratch delicate surfaces.

You can also use old t-shirts for craft projects. Have a dog or a cat? Use an old shirt to make a cozy DIY pet bed. You can also turn your family’s old tops into clothing for your furry friends. Cut old shirts into strips, and use them to make a braided or woven rug. You can also use strips of old t-shirts for crocheting or knitting. The options are limitless!

Teach Your Kids to Give Back to Those in Need

Develop a sense of activism in your children by using t-shirts as a charitable donation. Shelters and impoverished countries are always in need of clothing donations. Teach your children to help those in need by purchasing wholesale t-shirts to donate to a worthy cause.

Explain why various organizations need clothing donations, and talk to your kids to decide which organization to donate to. Plain shirts also make good donations for disaster relief efforts. If you have young children, they may enjoy decorating special shirts to share with other kids in need.

If you would rather donate your time, you can still use t-shirts as part of your philanthropic efforts. Help your kids organize a team of volunteers, and decorate plain t-shirts to wear while volunteering. Buying t-shirts in bulk makes it easy to outfit the entire team in matching apparel without breaking the bank.

Host a Memorable Birthday Party

Looking for a fun way to host a memorable birthday party for your little ones? Instead of handing out goodie bags, purchase bulk t-shirts for kids to decorate. Provide fabric markers, paint, or tie-dye supplies, and let party guests unleash their creativity on their very own t-shirt. The activity is fun for kids of all ages, and it gives partygoers something special to take home at the end of the day.

Budget-savvy parents know that buying t-shirts in bulk is a great way to save money, make mornings easier, and have supplies on hand for crafts, parties, and more. The potential uses for blank t-shirts are limitless, and buying in bulk is convenient and affordable.

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