What Is The Free-Customisation-Program About?

The Free-Customisation-Program has been introduced to make your experience in the store more valuable and memorable. The Program allows you to customise a product of your choice from our store for no extra charges or frees! You can add your own name, design, company logo, picture, idea, words or anything you want on our product and we would make one for you. This program is suitable for all of our products including canvas, apparels , jugs and etc.

At first choose a product that you like in our store. It can be any product and after you have chosen the product we would like you to tell us how you would like to customise it.

See the contact section in the header above? Click it and it is going to take you to the contact page. There just give us an idea of what you would want your product to be and make sure to put your email address there so that we can contact you. After you gave us an idea what your final product would be we would be emailing you with a product version that we would be creating just for you. It can take up to two business days depending on traffic.

Also do you want your own photo printed on a canvas? Just send us a photo you would like to be printed and we would be making one for you! No hassle and nothing!

If you liked the way the customised product that we designed for you looks then awesome, but if you did not like the way your product looked and would want to change something; then just reply to the message and we would be making another one for you! Just like I said we would be doing all the hard work for you!

We would also be sending real life photos of the product to you so that you can get the idea of what it would look in real life.

After everything is done we would be making the final product and delivering it to you! Also I forgot to mention that if you are ordering in bulk (more than 10) we would be giving a massive discount to you! Also if it is your birthday this month you would be also getting the awesome discounts. And the cool part is that you don't have to show any documents to us!

The Free-Customisation-Program has been introduced to achieve our vision.

To know more of our programs just search up programs in our store's search console and we would be presenting you with all the programs we offer to make your experience at our store awesome and memorable.

Want to know our vision?

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Our vision is to make the world's most loved online store where customers are able to get fair values for good products and great customer experience and service. We work hard everyday to provide customers with the best experience so that they can get it anywhere in our store. For this exact reason we have launched the free customisation programme where customers are able to customise their own product with no extra charges. We also have launched the buy-in-bulk and birthday discount programme. In these programmes if you buy in bulk (more than 10) or if it is your birthday this month we would be giving you massive discounts. These programmes are unique and we only are one of the few stores in the entire world to offer them. Not to mention that all our products are always sold at a discount price.

Our core value is to -

  • Provide customers with the best customer experience, satisfaction and great prices anywhere at anytime.

Let us know in the comment sections below about your ideas or any questions . Make sure to check out our YouTube channel and Instagram Account and click the subscribe and follow button so that you don't miss any updates! Link Below ⬇! Also don't forget to share the post to your social media accounts!

Have fun shopping!

P.S - Don't forget to tell us how you would want us to improve our service!

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