What Is The Response Time From Our Customer Service Team?

Our usual response time is around 2 Business days. It might be more than 2 if there are unusually high traffics and orders and it also might be less than 2 Business days if there are not much traffic. Nevertheless we would be reaching out to you regarding your inquires, orders and concerns no matter what. It is our responsibility as a company to go an extra mile if we have to, in order to make sure that you Royals are getting the best deal.

Our 24/7 Customer Service Team work super hard to make sure that you have the best experience possible at our store because you are Royals and we are here just to serve you.

Let me know in the comment sections below about your ideas or any questions. Make sure to check out our YouTube channel, Instagram Account, Facebook Page, Tumblr Blogs and Twitter and click the subscribe and follow button so that you don't miss any updates! Link Below ⬇! Also don't forget to share the post to your social media accounts!

Have fun shopping!

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