Why Buying A Polo T Shirt Is The Best!

They’re smart. Polo shirts are instantly smarter and more professional looking when compared to a crew neck t-shirt. The collar detail, ribbed cuffs and button down detail makes an instant impression and they don’t cost much more than the crew neck t-shirt we supply.

Comfort and wearability. Polo shirts are indeed smarter, but you don’t have to compromise on comfort. We stock a fantastic range of polo shirts that are ideal for any requirement. For an image conscious brand; we have a selection of slim fit polos to choose from. Where fabric performance is important – we have ClimaCool® polo shirts, and also heavy weight styles for warmth or durability. We also stock long sleeve styles, ladies polos, specialty sports polos and kids polo shirts. And because no one likes ironing, we also stock EasyCare® polos!

Fantastic uniform garments. Embroidered polo shirts are one of the top garment choices for uniforms. A branded polo is all you need to make a good impression. This is why so many businesses choose it as uniform wear, instead of expensive head to toe bespoke garments.

They’re hard wearing. As polo shirts are more heavyweight in general (when compared to t-shirts) they are instantly more hard wearing. The fabric is built and manufactured in a completely different way, which means they can withstand constant wear and tear.

Satisfaction guaranteed. We pride ourselves in creating the best customisation outcome possible. Before any of the garment embroidery goes ahead, we send you an embroidered swatch image of your logo via email in order for you to see the thread colours and composition. Only then do we go ahead with embroidering your chosen polo shirts.

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Have fun shopping!

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