Why There Is No Free Shipping?

There is nothing called free shipping in the world. Shipping products takes a lot of money and it is all paid by the store's customers. Usually stores are not honest about their shipping fees. They tell at the checkout that it is free whereas it is the situation sometimes. Usually the product is placed at a higher price and the customer unknowingly pays for the product as well as the shipping fees. But we at Kinbo care about customers and are honest to them all the time. For this reason we have a shipping fee attached to the product so that people know the actual including shipping. But there are other situations in our store when we might be cancelling out your shipping fees and reducing it to a much lower price. This is when customer might be buying more than 10 products at a time. Why? We do these when we have made enough money from your orders to be able to pay your shipping fees as well as the production fee of your product.

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Have fun shopping!

P.S - If you bring 10 of your friends to the store and they refer you when they are buying, we would be shipping you a free product of your choice! Never share your passwords with any of our customer service officials.

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