Why Turkish Towels Are So Important!

I don’t make resolutions at the beginning of a new year, but I do intend to try something new. Last year, I decided to branch out and try a new basic. I have always been a “fluffy, white towel” person. In my opinion, they look good in any bathroom decor and they feel good. White towels are also easy to clean in a washer of bleach and detergent, and they can all be washed together, no need for separation. Those were my favorite — until I discovered the fouta (pronounced “foo-tah”).

Foutas are Turkish cotton towels, tightly woven, oversized, quick drying and versatile.

In my opinion, the appeal of the fouta is the texture, the ability to fold it into a lower profile than a conventional terry towel and the versatility. The fouta dries quickly because it is thinner than most towels, making it desirable for the beach and pool. It is also oversized — most are 72 inches by 40 inches, making them large enough to easily wrap around your body (and not just a small body). They can be used as attractive tablecloths, wraps, shawls, throws or beach blankets. Because they are 100 percent cotton, they are easily laundered and comfortable to the touch.

I’ll admit, at first my husband whined about the absence of his favorite towel, but after experiencing the fouta one time and enjoying the size and absorbency, he is a fan, too. They occupy half the space in the linen closet and can be rolled up in a basket, exposing the textural fringe, creating a conversation piece in the bathroom for guests and visitors.

Last year, I went through a monogram phase, embroidering initials on napkins and towels. My foutas are now sporting my monogram, which has also held up nicely to many washings. They are my new best friends, a little addictive and perfectly harmless. I feel it is my duty to inform others of the fouta adventure and share the cultural experience.

Benefits of foutas:

  1. Generous size (72 inches by 40 inches)

  2. Good texture, weave and attractive fringe

  3. Nice folded profile (about half the size of a fluffy, terry towel)

  4. Very versatile — throws, shawls, tablecloths, beach blankets

  5. Absorbent

  6. Dry quickly

  7. They’re a new take on a household basic

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